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Head Lice Treatment

It’s not that you recognize them as soon as you get them. It can in a literal sense take several weeks or a few months just before you identify this harsh truth.

The interesting part is, at times people mix up dandruff with nits and lice. They witness very small white chunks of dirt in a person’s hair and successfully pass a consensus that the guy or girl has lice.

They don’t know the main dissimilarity between nits and dandruff.

Always remember, if you have particularly long hair, then it’s not really easy to see lice, because they survive close to your scalp. The finest way to learn about is to get your hair looked at by someone in your members of the family. Ask them to examine and see if there are any lice or nits in your hair.

The Likelihood Are That You Have Head Lice If…

  • Your scalp is itching.
  • You can feel something running in your hair.
  • You have red-looking lymph nodes in the front or back of your neck.

It will not be an effective idea to start head lice treatment only because you guess you have lice. You must be 100% positive before starting up any head lice treatment.

Anyway, you don’t want to spend your time, energy and money on just one thing that’s not really there.

Now…When you ask a particular person to proceed through your hair and look for lice and nits, they may perhaps possibly get baffled too and think of dandruff as nits.

There is Clear Differentiation Between Dandruff and Nits

Dandruff will fall off your hair promptly and easily, nits won’t.
Nits are securely hooked up to the hair. It’s like as though the female louse uses an intense and effective glue to secure the eggs to the hair.

So, to analyze and uncover if you have dandruff or nits, you really should use a nit comb.

Wet your hair and start combing. If it’s dandruff, then it will start to fall off. If it’s nits, then it will not come off so easily.

If you have dandruff in your hair, then you don’t need head lice treatment. Having said that, if you have head lice, then you must definitely go for head lice treatment.

So, don’t rush. Look for the signals and symptoms or go through the infested person’s hair. Even after looking, if you still can’t figure out whether it is dandruff or nits, then use a nit comb to end the confusion.

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