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Jan 29, 2011 Posted Under: Obesity

Quickest Ways To Loose The Belly Fat

So are you worried about the bulge? Relax it’s totally human nature to worry, it’s also human nature to grow. Unfortunately, past a certain age, the said growth goes to the wrong areas: like in the area of the subject of the day, the belly.

To effectively reduce the belly fat, one should consider adopting the suggestions below, amongst other methods:

1. Adopt a healthy eating regimen by avoiding & adopting certain food types.
2. Religiously engage in abdominal exercise.

It’s no secret that the belly region is an extremely weight sensitive area. The first line of action I advise, should be to make some lifestyle changes. To do this you need to practice a healthy eating regimen. Drinking a good amount of water daily also helps you fill up quicker, tricks your brain and consequently makes you consume less food daily.

While on the topic of food and eating, I advise that you skip all the fast food restaurants. I don’t mean just the building either; skipping it also means skipping the soda jugs, the burgers, ice cream, basically all the sugary and greasy stuff need to fall off your diet as well. As you drop these food types from your diet, you will also immediately see the weight drop off from the belly region. Adopt healthier food types -(nuts, fruits, vegetables, lean and white meat, fish and more)- to replace these bad options; it’s equally important that you are consuming your daily dose of fiber, this will help keep your system regulated and purge the unwanted stuff from your system.

Still on the subject of eating, you should consider consuming smaller portions more frequently, rather than fewer big meals. A good plan is to try 4-7 smaller meals daily. Alongside what has already been mentioned,consuming your food slower have done wonders for those looking to lose the belly fat.
An equally effective line of attack is also adopting abdominal work outs into your daily routine. It may take an ungodly amount of crunches daily in-order to lose the belly fat, but alongside the eating tips mentioned above – you will definitely enjoy faster results. Weight training will also be extremely beneficial to your efforts, since it enables all those involved to effectively gain & develop good muscle mass.

With this shared, you now know some of the most effective tips available to lose the belly fat. One thing that may be useful to you going forward, is to remain upbeat, as stress contributes to weight gain.

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Jan 28, 2011 Posted Under: Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes and Stevia

Stevia is actually a naturally occurring sweetener which is derived from a plant growing in the South American continent. It contains steviol glycoside, a chemical that is 400 times sweeter than the table sugar you may be using every day for your coffee, juices and desserts. In fact, according to the Global Stevia Institute, natives of Paraguay have been using this natural sweetener as a food enhancer for hundreds of years. But there is one question that rings in the minds of people suffering from diabetes: “Is Stevia safe for my health condition?”

In December 2008, the Food and Drug Administration issued a “no objection” notification for the use of Stevia, stating this “new” food sweetener is safe for public use. Added to this, after several years of investigation by a global panel led by the World Health Organization, publications were released in 2008, 2009 and 2010, stating Stevia can be used as a safe alternative to table sugar.

In a study published in the June 2008 issue of the Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology, a group of scientists in Paraguay investigated the effect of this food sweetener in people suffering with diabetes. In this study they recruited people with:

  • normal blood pressure
  • Type 1 diabetes, and
  • Type 2 diabetes

These volunteers were randomly assigned to treatment with either Stevia, or what is known as a placebo (a simulated medical intervention that can produce a perceived or actual improvement), for a period of three months. Their…

  • blood pressure readings
  • hemoglobin A1c, the average blood sugar concentration within the red blood cells,
  • were taken before, during and after the observational period.

The researchers documented that there is no significant difference in the baseline blood pressure reading and hemoglobin A1c before the treatment and after the observation period. Furthermore, they were also not able to note any adverse reaction related to the intake of this sweetener. They therefore have concluded Stevia is a safe and well-tolerated alternative sweetener with no adverse reactions in diabetic patients who use it.

As a result, Stevia is now a very popular alternative sweetener that can be found in numerous food products such as soft drinks, teas, juices, baked products, yogurts, soy milk and confections. It can also be used as a safe alternative to the usual old table sugar. Even diabetics can have the benefit of enjoying sweet products without the fear of having high blood sugar.

As well as Stevia being able to sweeten up your food and beverages, it actually has the ability to lower blood sugar by acting on the beta cells of your pancreas to help you release insulin.

You can find Stevia at any health food store. It is sold as a sweetener in liquid form and, as well, in packet form under various brand names.

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Jan 27, 2011 Posted Under: Mental Health

Overcoming Mental Stress Through Meditation

Life can become quite exhausting when you suffer from mental stress. Even the smallest tasks seem difficult and overwhelming leaving you tired from the effort. Mental tension can be a joy killer, taking all the pleasure and fun out of daily living. It is a sad state to fall into; however, it need not be a permanent state. Once you recognize some of the symptoms of this affliction, you can begin efforts to overcome its effects and regain your joy of living.

The Mental Stress Traps

The reasons people fall under mental or psychological stress varies with the individual. Some people succumb to pressures in their workplace due to work overload, too many timely deadlines to meet, not getting along with their boss or colleagues, lack of skill or knowledge to accomplish their tasks, complications in assigned projects, competition, etc. Other people may experience stress due to family affairs – arguments with siblings, children or spouse; disagreements over financial matters; sickness or death in the family, etc. We live in an extremely stressful world surrounded by stressful people and situations. However, we can learn to rise above these situations, find solutions to our problems and overcome tension and fear in our lives.

The Effects of Psychological Stress

Nervous tension affects people negatively in different ways, physically and mentally. Mental effects may include lack of focus and concentration, lack of sleep, inexplicable fears, tension, irrationality, anger, indecision, moodiness, etc. Physical effects may range from headaches and migraines to problems with digestion, ulcers, strokes, heart attack, dizziness, nausea and more. Though there are many treatments and medications you can try to help relieve these symptoms, more and more people today are discovering how they can overcome stress using meditation.

Guided Meditation for Relaxation

Meditation provides a natural means of reducing the strain and pressures in your life, especially when practiced on a regular basis. The simple process of taking time from your busy schedule regularly to meditate on the positive aspects of your life, enjoy creation, listen to faith building stories and quotations, relax with your favorite music and enter into a state of peace and rest can eliminate tension and fear. During this time you are focusing your mind and heart on that which is good and positive and uplifting. You refuse to allow negative thoughts and emotions to build up and overpower you. You learn to look for and be thankful for the good, count your blessings and dwell on the positive aspects of your situation. By dwelling on the positive, you maintain peace of mind and spirit which in turn enables you to find solutions to the problems you face.

Meditation has been tried and proven to help reduce stress. It is a simple process to put into practice and can help you live a more enjoyable life. You can start incorporating meditation into your life today and reap the positive results of a more peaceful, happy existence.

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Jan 26, 2011 Posted Under: Other

A New Vision for America

A great quote to start off with was one by Dr. Robert Maurer. Here is what he said, “It’s been said that the only constant is change. I don’t agree with that. There’s another constant, and that’s the desire for change.”

My vision is to see a paradigm shift in America’s healthcare; and I believe it all starts with families, primarily the next generation. I want to see children growing up understanding God’s laws of health and healing and the way he truly designed the body to function and heal. Our body is a self-healing organism, and we carry within ourselves this innate healing ability that we can put our faith in and rely upon. It can restore us to health and wholeness if we just allow it to do so without interference.

I want people to understand the premise of the three major interferences and to know that if we can remove those interferences, the body can heal itself and get well. We must remove the chemical interferences, the physical interferences, and the emotional/psychological interferences and allow the body to express itself from above, down, inside, and out – from the brain and nervous system (the master control system), through the brain/body connection, out through the spine, and to the body.

My vision is that people get out of the pill, potion, lotion, spoonful- of-medicine mentality and start putting their faith in their own bodies, and in God’s laws of health and healing. Digging ourselves out of the hole we’re in starts with this belief in the body.

A wellness coach can help you begin living this lifestyle. It is paramount that you find someone to hold you accountable and provide you with the resources to begin living this lifestyle. Ideally, this person will create an atmosphere that is supportive, nurturing, encouraging, inspiring, and exciting. That person needs to show you that they are willing to hold you accountable, have ways to measure and demonstrate your progress, and ultimately be able to produce results while leading you to where you need to be. The most qualified people for this are family and wellness oriented chiropractors because they understand this philosophy and possess and utilize the resources necessary to produce outstanding results. They understand how God made the body, as well as how He heals the body; they understand His laws of health and healing.

Deepak Chopra, endocrinologist, lecturer, celebrity and author of many books, states, “Prognostication is based on statistical probabilities. While statistics may apply to a large population sample, they tell us nothing about the individual. For example, if the average temperature in New York City for the year is 54 degrees Fahrenheit, that does not inform me what the temperature is today. Similarly, if you are a citizen of Bangladesh and the average income of a Bangladeshi is $65 per household per year, that does not tell me your income. When I was a medical student, there used to be a joke about statistics, which in today’s climate of political correctness might be considered sexist, but at the risk of possibly off ending some, I will share it with you anyway because it makes an insightful point. “Statistics are like a girl in a bikini. What she reveals is obvious, but what she conceals is much more interesting.” As applied to illness, there is only one rule: Do not buy into the prognosis; you may be buying into a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Again, there’s a major flaw in that thinking and in that health model. The problem is that medical doctors went to medical school, and in their medical textbooks it said that pancreatic cancer kills. It’s one of the most virulent forms of cancer. The medical professor teaches it, and the medical students hear it and adopt it as their belief system.

Through quantum physics, however, we know that reality is usually created by one’s belief system. Quantum physics says an object can’t be measured without the observer influencing what they’re observing; so we know that intention and belief system determines a lot of what you’re observing and so your belief system determines reality to a large extent. So if you or a loved one were given a terminal diagnosis and a doctor’s belief system was that you’re going to die, would you believe this or look for other answers?

As a wellness doctor of the future, my new vision for America has people asking: “How do I not die from all the cancer and the heart disease and the strokes and all the things destroying Americans? What do I need to do to become part of that 4 percent?” If you are asking that question, you have hope. There is a way to live because, obviously, 4 percent are living.

The principle of chiropractic is all about teaching the world how to be part of that 4 percent, not the 96 percent who may choose to believe in a statistical death sentence. As chiropractors, we stand in the gap, and shout to the world that yes, there is hope. Yes, you can live life without fear. Yes, the power that made the body can heal the body. Yes, God needs no help to heal, just no interference. The principled chiropractor empowers their patients to think within a new paradigm, thus enabling them to ask better questions and make more intelligent decisions. We understand that your thought process, more often than not, can be a matter of life and death.

We started this off with a great quote so I am going to leave you with a great set of questions to ask now: “I desired to know why one person was ailing and his associate, eating at the same table, working in the same shop, at the same bench, was not. Why? What difference was there in the two people that caused one to have pneumonia, catarrh, typhoid, cancer, or rheumatism, while his partner, similarly situated, escaped? Why?” Dr BJ Palmer.

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Jan 21, 2011 Posted Under: Obesity

Adult Obesity Problems

Adult obesity is one of the problems which are being faced by one out of five adults all over the world. So if you find yourself gaining weight and are looking at the easiest ways on how to lose weight, here are some tips and techniques which are going to come in useful. Firstly, Adult obesity is getting to be a problem because the lifestyle of a number of people all over the world is changing drastically. More and more people stop leading active lifestyles, every day because they have more interesting things to do with their time. So why do they need to exercise when they can spend their time more enjoyably watching movies, playing games on the Internet getting in touch with their friends on their cell phone and doing all this sitting comfortably on a well cushioned sofa. This is one of the reasons why more and more people find themselves wondering how they managed to put on that extra weight around their tummies and thighs. Then comes another main reason of adult obesity. There was a time when we bothered about the food that we ate. That was because what was put on the table was what we could afford to eat. That food included beans, legumes, fruit, vegetables, meat, and freshly baked bread. This food was cooked in olive oil under the close supervision of mom or grandma. But nowadays we really do not have time to go into the kitchen and waste about two – three hours preparing a fresh meal when we can order out.

This change in lifestyle, especially when we have easy access to junk food and fast food is one of the reasons why we find ourselves putting on weight so fast. And then we could not be bothered to exercise those extra calories off; there is a movie we need to see, and besides exercising is so boring! So is it a wonder that we soon reach a stage when we start to press the action station panic button and start looking for shortcuts on how to lose weight. And that is the time when we get into the expensive trap of fads and Castle in the air Weight loss promises. So here are some facts on how to lose weight. There is absolutely no way in which you can lose weight overnight. The healthiest way to lose weight is to lose anywhere between 1 to 2 pounds in a week through following a healthy diet supported by regular exercise. No medicine, no pill, no magic potion and no mumbo-jumbo are going to get rid of that extra beer belly overnight. A normal weight loss should take anywhere between 48 to 72 hours to show up in your body. That weight loss is going to be temporary because your body is getting rid of toxins and extra water. So, it is only through following a regular healthy diet, – ditching the junk food and processed foods – and changing your lifestyle from sedentary to active, that you can and will be able to see a proper and visible weight loss over a given period of time.

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Jan 11, 2011 Posted Under: Mental Health

Symptoms of Depression, Causes and Treatment

There are many symptoms of depression, which may actually weaken how you perform the daily activities of life, but there are treatments that can help deal with this condition. If you are unsure, and you suffer some of these symptoms or or some of this sounds similar to the list provided it is always best to consult a doctor.

The American Psychological Association has stated that eight to ten percent of Americans that are eighteen years old or older suffer from some form of depression each year. Generally, this is accredited to a dysphotic mood or a basic sense of sadness or melancholy, but most people are unusually oblivious to the sweeping symptoms and can go on for months not understanding what they feel.

Although there are times when an external factor may contribute to strengthening the symptoms and its influence on your life, depression is a chemical defects in the brain that causes the brain’s neurons to become incapable of receiving endorphins and you experience a loss of joy, happiness or just being able to feel good about yourself. There is no known cure to completely rid the brain of these feelings, but there are several medications that can be used to fight against effects and symptoms you feel when it hits you.

The symptoms of Depression and the disease is classified by professionals in the field of psychology as a disease that disrupts the physical, psychological and emotional happiness of person.

Symptoms of Depression

Thoughts of suicide and feeling worthless
Feeling Hopeless
Unable to concentrate
Low levels of sex drive.
Trouble with sleep patterns, oversleeping and lack of sleep
Low energy level or restlessness
Crying without reason, feeling mournful
Unimportance toward things and people
Headaches, Stomach aches
Loss of appetite, weight loss or weight gain from over-eating

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