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Symptoms of Depression, Causes and Treatment

There are many symptoms of depression, which may actually weaken how you perform the daily activities of life, but there are treatments that can help deal with this condition. If you are unsure, and you suffer some of these symptoms or or some of this sounds similar to the list provided it is always best to consult a doctor.

The American Psychological Association has stated that eight to ten percent of Americans that are eighteen years old or older suffer from some form of depression each year. Generally, this is accredited to a dysphotic mood or a basic sense of sadness or melancholy, but most people are unusually oblivious to the sweeping symptoms and can go on for months not understanding what they feel.

Although there are times when an external factor may contribute to strengthening the symptoms and its influence on your life, depression is a chemical defects in the brain that causes the brain’s neurons to become incapable of receiving endorphins and you experience a loss of joy, happiness or just being able to feel good about yourself. There is no known cure to completely rid the brain of these feelings, but there are several medications that can be used to fight against effects and symptoms you feel when it hits you.

The symptoms of Depression and the disease is classified by professionals in the field of psychology as a disease that disrupts the physical, psychological and emotional happiness of person.

Symptoms of Depression

Thoughts of suicide and feeling worthless
Feeling Hopeless
Unable to concentrate
Low levels of sex drive.
Trouble with sleep patterns, oversleeping and lack of sleep
Low energy level or restlessness
Crying without reason, feeling mournful
Unimportance toward things and people
Headaches, Stomach aches
Loss of appetite, weight loss or weight gain from over-eating

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