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Jan 10, 2013 Posted Under: Massage

Health and Other Wonders in Chiropractor Clinics

What is the relevance of chiropractors to our lives? The physical body is a wonderful piece of creation. There are things about the body that cannot be understood by modern science, even until now. Take the skin, for example. There are a lot of pores through which essential and waste matter pass such as sweat and moisturising oil but pressure from surrounding water when you dip in a pool or the sea cannot penetrate the delicate human skin as if we have numerous “valves” that prevent inward flow.

Wonders such as that of skin permeability cannot compare with the greater wonders of the internal organs such the heart, kidney and liver. They are vital organs charged with vital functions that are clearly understood by medical practitioners and scientists. In fact, modern medicine has made incredible successes such as heart and kidney transplants making life extension possible. But even until now, the mighty conquerors of the earth through their great scientists, have not yet been able to “manufacture” replacements of these vital organs so that there will be no more need for donors whose lives are potentially imperilled by giving up one of the kidneys, for instance. Donated heart is even more difficult to acquire.

If man successfully assembles synthetic replacements to these vital organs from available raw materials, the average longevity of man on earth would have been greatly increased. The other body parts would have been small potatoes and would easily come next, making it possible for the vain to look eternally young. And men and women on earth would “live happily ever after.”

The happy scenario we have painted in the previous paragraph is just like a fairy tale, just plain wishful thinking. Until now, it is an absolute impossibility. Humans still suffer ailments that cannot easily be treated such as scoliosis, osteoporosis, back pains, aching stiff necks, etc. This is where chiropractors become very helpful.

Chiropractors generally believe that many health problems stem from dislocations or displacements of the structural harmony of the bones, muscles and nerves affecting the normal functions of the various body parts especially the internal organs, even including the brain. Patients suffering from ailments involving this kind of disharmony lose the normal innate intelligence of the body. Chiropractic patients are greatly relieved after treatment and therapy sessions with good chiropractors involving adjustments in the positional relations of the skeletal, muscular and nervous systems, particularly on the spine. A prescription lifestyle may also be part of the treatment package.

Back pains, stiff necks and chronic aching of the neck and shoulders are very bothering. It is impossible to normally function with such nagging pain. It could be symptoms of more deeply seated ailments probably associated with vertebral subluxation – an area of expertise of the chiropractor.


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Nov 02, 2011 Posted Under: Massage

Massage Therapists: Learn 5 Secrets to Preventing Injury

Injury Prevention is crucial for lasting career in massage therapy. Staying healthy and injury free happens when you create balance between the mind, body, and spirit. Balance happens when different parts of your life are in proportion to each other. It is important to make an effort and balance your physical self first. Important components of caring for your physical body include correct body mechanics, exercise, proper nutrition, and plenty of rest.

Here are some of my secrets to help you maintain health with your physical body:

1) Use Proper Alignment- When applying pressure during massage, make sure your bones are in alignment to conserve your energy and to reduce muscle overuse and misuse. Keep your body as relaxed as possible, and stay behind each stroke as you lean into the tissue beneath you.

2) Make Time for Physical Activity- Another key to career longevity is getting the proper amount of appropriate physical activity, in addition to performing massage therapy. Exercise increases circulation and delivers more oxygen to your body’s cells, boosts your energy, and reduces your chance of injury.

3) Receive Massage- Massage therapists need to get massage themselves. Take some time out to get a massage; either pay for it or trade with a friend.
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4) Educate Yourself- Education and having fun are other ways to care for your mental health. Massage Therapy Continuing Education stimulates the mind, and learning keeps you up-to-date on the latest information.

5) Restoration of Your Body- Sleep and rest are vital for repairing and restoring your body. Your physical body not only re-charges when you sleep and goes into repair mode, so you must get adequate sleep to avoid injury.

As a massage therapist and bodyworker, you can burnout physically, mentally, and emotionally. Practice self-care daily to protect your energy and to promote career longevity. Balance your work with education, play, and social activities to deter burnout.

In addition, think of yourself as a massage athlete and train your body like one. This physical work demands skill, strength, and endurance, just like any other athlete. Performing massage is very strenuous on your hands and upper extremities. At some point in your career, an injury can likely occur. If an injury does happen, take the proper amount of time off to heal when an injury occurs. Injuries do occur, and when you sustain one, do not feel ashamed. Taking time off is invaluable for an injury to heal completely and is essential for the prevention of a chronic condition.

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Feb 10, 2011 Posted Under: Massage

How to Become a Massage Therapist

One of the fastest growing fields in medicine right now is massage therapy. More and more doctors are recognizing the benefits of medical massage to provide pain relief for their patients. There are a number of large medical practices which now have a massage therapist on staff and a growing number of insurance companies are providing at least partial coverage for massage when it is medically merited. Professional sports teams are hiring massage therapists to work for them and so are the major college sports programs creating an abundance of opportunities.

To become a massage therapist, it is necessary to complete an educational program. There are schools across the country which specialize just in medical massage and there are programs at community colleges and universities which offer degrees in massage therapy. A minimum of 500 hours of training is required in most states to become a licensed massage therapist. One of the tests that is required for certification is administered by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. You are required to know in detail anatomy, physiology and kinesiology. You also must be able to answer questions pertaining to Therapeutic massage assessment and application. Plus, there is a section on the test that covers professional standards, ethics, business and legal practices.

When you decide to enter the field, you also must decide what type of massage you want to specialize in. There are over 80 types of massage being practiced around the globe which are distinguished by the techniques which are used. Some employ the deep muscle kneading that most of us associate with massage while others use warm oils or even hot stones. There is one type of massage that does not use the hands of the therapists at all, the therapist uses their bare feet. Kamagra gold

Whatever you decide to specialize in, one of the keys to becoming successful is professionalism. Unfortunately, massage has been misused by people who have used it as a front to provide sexual services. It is absolutely critical for the massage therapist to avoid any inappropriate contact with a patient. Make sure that the person is comfortable with what you are doing and always allow them to decide if they want to be clothed or covered up.

There are exciting opportunities for massage therapists to work in a variety of settings. You could choose to be employed in a doctors office, a chiropractic office or sports medicine clinic. There are a number of spas all across the country which offer massage services and you could even do a stint on a cruise ship where massages are routinely offered each day by the pool.

Once you are a certified as a massage therapist you will have to go through additional training to maintain your certification.
  • You are required to have 50 hours of continuing education every four years to keep your certificate up to date.
  • It is also required that you document performing at least 200 hours of massage therapy over that time.
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Nov 05, 2010 Posted Under: Massage

Enjoy Your Massage Experience With Thai Massage Mats

Thai massage is one of the most popular relaxation techniques used in most parlors. It owes its name to the country of origin and it has been practiced for millennia now, being approximately 2500 years old. It incorporates acupressure and reflexology techniques to provide tranquility and release all stress or tension for the receiver.

It is said to yield as numerous benefits to the giver as to the recipient, but this is only achieved if the procedure is done correctly. Almost all other procedures of this kind are solely focused on pampering the receiver without any due consideration for the giver. He/she is only viewed as a means to an end and nothing else.

The process involves application of pressure on the recipient by a sort of dance performed by the other party using her own body weight. She exerts pressure evenly and in a rhythm and this is what yields benefits to her. It can be likened to a sort of meditation technique that relieves tension for the therapist.

The one feature that sets this kind of bodywork apart from all others in this line is the fact that it is done on the floor. This enables successful application of pressure while both parties are fully relaxed. This would not be possible if one had to perform a balancing act on a massage tabletop. High quality Thai massage mats make it a memorable experience owing to the comfort they provide throughout the session.

The masseuse uses various body parts to compress particular tension points of the body. This also makes a big difference between the technique and other Western ones. The arms, forearms, knees, elbows and even feet all come into play, being expertly used to provide a very relaxing feel.

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