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What Causes Anxiety Panic Attack Disorders

Psychological research claims that there is no specific reason why a person may suffer from anxiety panic attacks. Panic attacks often occur when a person’s extreme fear was triggered by a particular event or situation. Anxiety panic attacks are alarming for people who suffer the consequences of attacks. Normal daily activities are disrupted and thus interactions with society. This article will seek to explain why some people suffer from this disorder?

· Genetics- there are studies conducted by medical researchers claiming that anxiety disorders often run in the family. So it is easy for the person to trace where and how he or she acquired the disorder.

· Nutritional Deficiencies- lack of zinc or magnesium is a risk factor that causes imbalance in hormones and which may lead to the disorder.

· Anxiety Sensitivity- people who experience physiological symptoms like chest pains often mistake them to be heart attacks. With these notions, a person has greater risk of developing the disorder

· History of abuse- A person who was physically abused during their childhood has greater chances of acquiring it in their adulthood. Constant reminders of place or situation will trigger the anxiety. If a person was sexually abused during his or her childhood, their sex life will also suffer due to their anxiety of the trauma.

· Physical illnesses- medication can also bring on anxiety panic attacks. Medicines can cause chemical reactions in the brain. I remember my attacks began after being given general anesthesia for a sinus related surgery.

· Stress- this is a major factors that causes anxiety panic attacks in a person. It could be work related, peer pressure, or rejection. Divorce and stressful family events could also trigger an attack.

· Pregnancy- any woman who experiences difficulties during her pregnancy has the tendency to develop an anxiety panic attack. She will be anxious of the outcome of her pregnancy whether her baby will be healthy after delivery. If not controlled, this anxiety attack will develop into post partum depression after giving birth.
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There are of course other reasons why a person suffers from an anxiety. They often develop the disorder from their everyday activities. The normal fear of failure in a simple task can pose a bigger problem if it occupies one’s mind.

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