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The Mantra of Healthy Sexuality

Integrated Eroticism

When men think of eroticism, the image is of porn magazines and videos. This approach to eroticism emphasizes raw and wild sex, carnal feelings, powerful erections, and perfect performance. The wilder the situation and the crazier the woman, the more erotic. Not surprisingly, we take a very different approach to integrated eroticism canadian viagra for sale. Eroticism is a healthy part of you as a man and your couple sexual scenario. If you think of arousal being on a 10-point scale (where 0 = neutral, 3 = sensual, 5 = arousal signified by the beginning of an erection, 8 = high arousal, and 10 = orgasm), erotic stimulation ranges from 6 to 10. Intimacy and pleasuring are a solid basis for sexual arousal, but high arousal and orgasm involve genital stimulation and erotic scenarios and techniques.

We emphasize the concept of erotic flow, allowing yourself to go from 7 to 9 where the feelings, sensations, and the erotic experience combine in a positive, synergistic manner. A key factor in erotic flow is allowing your-self to piggyback your arousal on your partner’s arousal. Truly, the major erotic stimulus (aphrodisiac) is an involved, aroused partner. Key elements of eroticism are unpredictability and allowing yourself to let go and enjoy intense erotic feelings. The key to integrated eroticism is respecting, valuing, and owning your body’s sexuality, not viewing it as a porn scenario. An ordinary erotic technique is to use fantasies that serve as a bridge to greater arousal in partner sex.

Genuine Satisfaction

The vital component is a sense of genuine satisfaction. In traditional sex therapy the focus has been on performance—erection, intercourse, and orgasm (ejaculation). The new mantra in sex therapy is mutual intimacy, pleasure, eroticism, and satisfaction. Satisfaction certainly includes erection, intercourse, and orgasm, but it is not limited to that. Satisfaction involves emotional, sexual, and couple factors. In Hollywood movies, sex is always perfect both people are turned on before they even begin touching, the sex is impulsive, short, intense, and nonverbal, both are easily orgasmic, and satisfaction is mutual and total. It’s a wonderful image but harmful to real-life men and couples.

In truth, if you have Hollywood type sex once a month you are more fortunate than 90% of men. In sexually happy couples, if half of their experiences involve both being desirous, aroused, and orgasmic they are fortunate. Often, the sex is better for the man than his partner, but she enjoys him, his pleasure, and the encounter. Sometimes, the sex is unremarkable, functional, but not special or satisfying. The most important factor in terms of positive, realistic expectations is that 5–15% of sexual encounters are unsatisfying or outright dysfunctional and canadian pharmacy viagra. Rather than panicking or apologizing, the man (and woman) is better to shrug it off and accept this experience as normal sexual variability (especially after age 40). A healthy couple approach is to talk together briefly about an alternative scenario or take a rain check. Try to reconnect in the next one to three days when you feel receptive and responsive so you don’t let anticipatory sexual anxiety build. The essence of satisfaction is sharing and enjoying sensual and sexual pleasure. You feel better about yourself and energized about your relationship after a sexual experience.

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