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Sciatic Nerve Leg Pain

Sciatic Nerve Leg Pain can be caused by many different injuries from Lifting Objects Incorrectly to car accidents, sport and gym activities, muscle strain or simple things like a sneeze or the way you sit at a computer and the pain can be just as severe in most cases.

In many most industries nowadays there are Health and Safety training programs to inform employees the correct way to lift objects, and prevent injuries like Sciatic nerve leg pain. These programs should be repeated on a regular basis as there many thousands of man hours lost every year due to back problems.

How many times do you see people lifting objects by bending over them and putting all the strain on the lower back, something has to give and many people have injured their backs in this way.

In all problems with your back prevention is far better than the pain especially, sciatic nerve leg pain if only in regards to lifting objects. Lifting objects in the correct manner is an excellent way in protecting your back from injuries, which can lead to other problems in years to come and can prevent you from doing many recreational activities.

To lift any object there is a correct way to go about it. First make sure the area around you and the path to where you want to move the object to be clear from any clutter. Come down near the object by bending your knees and keep your spine straight. Keep your feet as close as possible to your shoulder width. Grab the object with both hands. Bring the upper part of the body as close as possible to the item. Lift the object by straightening the legs, the muscle in the legs are much stronger than the back muscle and should be used to lift and prevent damage to the back. Try and not to twist your body by turning, but turn taking small steps at the time If at any time you feel under pressure when lifting, let go immediately as the item can be replaced, Your Back Cannot.

If you think you have sciatic nerve leg pain the first thing to do is to seek professional medical advice as some forms of treatment can add to the problem rather than curing it

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