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Migraines Classical And Common

You can recognize a migraine headache by the following symptoms and characteristics:

* It recurs often and repeatedly.
* You experience nausea with or without vomiting.
* Your vision is disturbed and you feel a headache which affects only one side of your head.

There are 2 types of migraines: the classical and the common.

The classical migraines begin with an “aura” short before the headache begins. The aura lasts from 10 to 60 minutes and it has some or all of the following possible characteristics:

* blurry vision, flashing lights, seeing visual spots and other shapes
* difficulty speaking
* smelling of aromas
* partial or temporary paralysis
* confusion, dizziness etc.

The common migraines start without an aura or any other warning. You just feel a pain that starts small and expands until it becomes really painful. The degree of pain is similar to the one experienced by the people who suffer because of the classical migraines.

What causes the classical and the common migraine?

The main associated triggers with the migraine headaches are:

* hormonal changed in women. These changes can have various causes. What is known is that migraines appear during or before a significant drop in estrogen.
* the influence of xenoestrogen. Xenoestrogen is a chemical that displays activity similar with estrogen. Xenoestrogen can come from eating beef which has been fed with grains enhanced with hormone additives, from eating vegetables and fruits that still contain pesticides and from many other similar factors.
Xenoestrogen behaves like “fake” estrogen and it may trigger a drop of estrogen.
* higher levels of use of birth control pills in the last 50 years
* bad food habits. Bad food habits can be eating junk food, eating highly preprocessed foods or not eating regularly.
* not getting enough or getting too much sleep
* intense physical effort
* changes in the atmospheric pressure or changes in the weather. For example, if you travel to another city and the weather is much different you are likely to have a migraine headache soon after you arrive there.
* side effects of certain medical drugs

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