Nov 20, 2010 Posted Under: Exercises

Intensive Home Workout Programs

Intensive home workout programs are designed to get participants back in shape in a few weeks. These programs help participants lose weight and tone muscles. Most of these home workout programs are similar to a boot camp method that pushes you to your limit and means working out every day for at least an hour.

The system provides a variety of workout routines usually on a video or a DVD set. Some programs include a detailed schedule along with a helpful meal guide. Every aspect of the program is designed to help participants learn a healthy lifestyle that will remain with them even after the program. They learn various exercises and learn about different foods geared toward healthy living.

Some of the exercises featured are kickboxing, aerobics or Zumba. Yoga and Pilates are also used lasting for an hour and a half. The routines are varied to help people get results and keep them interested. These are challenging programs, but the instructor encourages those participating to keep going. They want participants to work at their own pace and improve according to their own abilities. Once a person starts to get use to the program and gain strength they will notice the program gets easier for them.

Intensive workout programs do help you get in shape. Often people go through the program and start noticing changes in their strength and body within a few weeks. Once the program is over they will notice a more intense change that can also be seen when the program is done again. They could decide to do the program again after a few months or strive for more results and start it up again right away. It just depends on what they like and what is working for them.

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