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How to Use Hypnosis to Help Quit Smoking

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. No one can, without an intimidating lever, hypnotize anyone else. What I mean by “intimidating lever” is, for example, someone pointing a gun at your head. That will immediately put anyone into a primary state of hypnosis. They will do exactly as they are told. That is, in fact, hypnosis. The “power of suggestion” on steroids!

But what I am writing about here is the ability for one to hypnotize ones self out of being a smoker. This process is in truth a de-hypnotizing one. For every smoker, every single one, is in a state of hypnosis.

As a student of hypnosis, I learned that hypnosis is actually nothing more than relaxation, concentration, and cooperation. Self-hypnosis is that state we’ve all been in so many times when we’ve only thought of it as memorizing our own new telephone number, or watching a television show.

One must be in a state of hypnosis to a large degree in order to perform either of these tasks. For this to apply to your needs, you must understand that you do not need an extensive course on hypnosis to be able to hypnotize yourself right now.

It is as simple as this. Find a comfortable spot to recline. Recliner chairs work well, but a bed or couch will work just as well. Begin to relax each and every muscle in your body by consciously thinking about that set of muscles until you feel them tingle without moving them.

Begin with your toes and work your way very slowly up your body, paying much attention to your diaphragm area, and your neck muscles. Contact each area of your face and head with your mind. While doing this, count backward from twenty, and loosely assign a number to each area of your body, starting with your toes as twenty. Then, as you move your concentration upward, count backward.

By the time you get to your head, you should be at five. Then relax your face, neck, scalp, etc. with the last numbers, ending with zero. This way, each time you do the exercise, as you count the number, your body will know what area you want it to relax. After a half dozen exercises, you will be amazed at how fast you can completely relax your physical body by counting backward.

Opening up your body and mind to self-hypnosis really is this simple.

Next, fantasize the most pleasant scene you can to relax your mind. It may be a scene from your past, or one you hope to have in the future. I tend to think of a beach in Thailand. Or perhaps you are more of an indoor person.

Whatever your image is, picture details in bright color. If there are or were sounds, listen for them.

Once you have accomplished a state of as nearly complete relaxation as the above can bring you. Begin to remember the approximate time when you began smoking. First the general time in your life, then zoom in tighter and tighter until you bring yourself back to that moment when that decision was made. See yourself from a few feet away, watching that younger, more naive and foolish person before you, making that first serious, life-threatening mistake. Yell out (silently) to him/her. Say whatever you can to convince her/him not to proceed, even though you may believe that this will do no good.

Next, go inside that young body and brain and see the cigarette in your hand. Remember if you were sitting or standing. If you can’t remember, this may come to you after a few exercises. If it does not, put yourself sitting or standing or whatever position you believe you may have been in.

Are you alone? What time of day is it? Are you near a window? In a car? See as much detail as you can.

Now listen for that older person (you, as you are today) out there in front of you, imploring you not to do this. Remember yourself ignoring that voice of conscience you heard back then and faintly hear now. Each time you do the exercise, move toward deciding not to smoke.

As quickly as you feel it is credible, see yourself putting the cigarette back into the pack and deciding not to become a smoker. Work to make that a real memory.

At first, this may seem a waste of time. The relaxation will feel good, but remaking the decision may seem futile. After all, you “know” how you decided.

You have the evidence, your habit. But the more you do the exercise (I recommend a minimum of once a day, just before you go to sleep), the more your brain will begin to get the mixed message and begin to question the original decision and memory.

After all, it cannot tell the difference in reality between this image of the event and the original one. It’s only measure as to which program to follow is by measuring with how much passion, commitment, and detail the program (memory) was installed (remembered).

So the more you can allow yourself to believe that you can indeed change that decision that lies so deeply embedded in your brain and body, the faster you will actually get it changed. Once it has changed over 50%, you will be very nearly at the end of your habit.

Of course, somewhere in my brain is still the recorded memory of how I started to smoke and the vague memories of smoking. But in my body, the part that runs my habits, I feel no attachment to cigarettes whatsoever. I have no desire, nor feel any resistance. Only a natural revulsion to the smoke, and the emotional regret at seeing the genocidal conspiracy the wealthy tobacco peddlers continue to perpetrate upon mankind.

Using this technique will definitely disturb your habit at its root. Of course we cannot change the past. We can only change the way we remember it, and the effect that those memories have on us today. We can do that, and you must do that in order to completely remove the habit, rather than “cap” it, and simply deny it is there.

This habit is just like the weeds we find in our gardens. Unless we pull them up by the full roots, they may well begin to grow again, robbing our valuable fruits and vegetables of the nutrients they need to grow to their optimum. Your cigarette habit is doing the same to your nutrients in your body.

Use hypnosis to dig that habit out of your psyche by the root. Once done, it will NEVER come back.

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