Dec 21, 2010 Posted Under: Nutrition

How to Make the Diet Changes

Healthy eating is not about being overly strict and not enjoying food. It’s not about being super thin, being a vegetarian or never eating desert. Healthy eating is about feeling really good with lots of energy, basically staying as healthy as possible. You can eat well and be healthy by educating yourself in basic nutrition principals and then applying them to fit and work for you.

Healthy eating is also about not only what you eat but how you eat. Making the right food choices can make all the difference in avoiding the risk of major illness and disease. Good food choices can keep you cancer free, diabetes free, keep your heart healthy and keep you from experiencing depression. The benefit side of healthy eating is more energy, better memory and a happier disposition. Increase your healthy food choices, do some planning so you have the correct food to maintain your healthy diet.

Don’t put too much pressure on your self to change too quickly, take it at a manageable pace. Take smaller steps rather than all at once. It’s better to be consistent and succeed than to overwhelm yourself and fail. Be committed and you will be eating healthy soon enough.

Go for simplicity, choose real food, fresh food. Avoid refined processed foods, limit packaged foods. This will make it easier to make good choices in the super market. Go with the foods you love, just make them with fresh ingredients, not canned, frozen or processed. Don’t over cook your vegetables, cook lightly and retain the nutrition and enzymes. Take it all at a reasonable pace so you can be honest with yourself and not cut corners. Small steps like using olive oil over butter, eating salads everyday, fruit rather than chips or crackers for a snack. All these changes to your diet matter and will combine to get you to new healthy eating habits. The benefits to your life will be profound.

Changing habits is often the hardest part of making these kinds of changes, so ask for support from family and friends. Encourage your partner or a friend to make these changes with you. Being healthy through diet, exercise and a healthy lifestyle is well worth the effort.

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