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How to Get Rid of Your Migraine in Half The Time

Would you like to get rid of your migraine in half the time? It’s possible, read on.

Many triggers, while not all of them we can control, influence migraines; we can take charge of a large number of the various triggers that do influence the severity of the migraine. For example, if we know that lack of sleep, stress, or hunger can trigger a migraine, prepare for those times when you know that triggers are going to be present and difficult to avoid.

Say you have an important presentation to give (stress), and you also have to travel to an out-of-town venue to present for your job (disruption in routine). You’re going to eat irregular meals and you’ll be lucky if you’re able to sleep in the hotel. And if you’re a female, you may also get your menstrual period. This is a migraine waiting to happen. While you can’t control having to give the presentation, you can alleviate stress by being well prepared. You can avoid the lack of sleep by going to your venue a day early and have a relaxing day prior to your presentation. This will also get your mind used to the unusual noises the first night. You can make a point of eating regularly, and packing healthy snacks to prevent your blood sugar from dropping. You can prepare for your menstrual cycle by doing the above, and by taking an anti-inflammatory every four hours a day for three days starting the day prior to your cycle. Not only will this help prevent the impending migraine, but also if one does occur your physician prescribed medication you take will be more effective.

I have given a scenario of an extraordinary circumstance, but what if you were to apply this to your everyday life? Start to be a sleuth in your own investigation of what you think may be triggering your migraines.

  • It could be anything from diet, allergies, to a lack of sufficient nutrition, to inconsistent blood sugar levels.
  • It could be stress, be from your job, your personal life, or some trauma you may have gone through.
  • It may be not getting enough quality sleep, or too much sleep. It could be a lack of fresh air and exercise.
  • It’s up to you to try to figure out what is causing your migraines and headaches.

And if you find out and you eliminate or control your triggers, your migraines will be greatly reduced both in severity and longevity. Medications for migraines that your doctor prescribes will work more effectively.

The secret to getting rid of your migraine in half the time, is to prevent the migraine as much as possible in the first place, and in the second place to get the appropriate medication to effectively eliminate the migraine and migraine symptoms when one does occur. By decreasing the frequency of your migraine, you require less medication, so when you need your medication, it will be more effective for you. To your best health. Please comment and share.

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