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Helping Panic Attacks

The best methods of helping panic attacks are mental techniques. Methods like deep breathing exercises and progressive relaxation treat physical symptoms, but not mental symptoms like fearing eminent doom or death. The art of gratitude has been proven by scientific research to change the body’s chemistry in beneficial ways to stop panic attacks. Read on to learn how to implement the art of gratitude to lower general anxiety and stop panic attacks.

Gratitude or genuine appreciation has been proven to naturally bring peace to the body and mind. This fact is verified by scientific studies at the Heart Math Institute as well as many fortune 500 companies that use this technique to reduce work related stress.

Helping Panic Attacks with the Art of Gratitude

  • First, close your eyes and concentrate on your heart.
  • Imagine a warm glow radiating from the center of your chest.
  • Put your hand on your heart (if you are at work or in public pretend that your hand is on your heart.
  • Envision the center of your chest glowing warmly for 1-2 minutes.
  • Concentrate on something you genuinely appreciate. Do not force this feeling! Your family or children may not naturally evoke the feeling of pure appreciation on some days. You could think about your health, friends, your car or even a sunny day. Anything that truly inspires you to feel a warm sense of gratitude and appreciation.
  • You can do this technique for a few minutes or a half an hour. You want to keep concentrating until you switch your awareness from anxious thoughts to your body.

If done correctly you will notice a very positive change in your emotional state. Gratitude and appreciation are emotions that instinctively cause you to feel less anxiety and more serene.

This technique will work the very first time you try it, but it works even better as part of your daily routine. Your response with this technique gets better and faster every time you do it. With practice you will be able to switch to a more positive state in a matter of seconds rather than minutes.

The art of gratitude has proven to be effective at helping panic attacks by switching your attention from your anxiety to your body. By inducing gratitude you can use this powerful technique to reduce your anxiety symptoms or even make them go away.

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