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Get Your Immunity Checked By Immunologists

Immunity is very important if you want to stay healthy and fit in your body. There is an immunity system inside our body which helps us to fight against all the disease and ailment germ, virus and bacteria only if your immunity system is strong enough. After growing up you suddenly wants your immunity to get strong then it is a sorry full condition because it is not possible. Immunity is something on which you need to work a lot from the beginning then only you can get it to work properly for your body mechanism.

Some points which can reduce your immunity levels are bad health diet, smoking, drinking alcohol these maybe some of the serious problem which can make your immunity system weak. Many times parents are not able to provide their children, infant and adolescents with proper food and nutrition all of these results in weak immunity level. Malnutrition children when grow up have a very weak immunity level. Poor diet for long time can weaken our immunity system, when our body lacks nutrition then we will have a weak immune system; over dose of sugar is another most prominent cause for lack or say weak immunity system; excessive drinking harms the immunity system. A good sleep is essential for our body because it helps our body to rebuilt, without adequate sleep immune system becomes weak because it doesn’t get a chance to rebuild. Stress and dehydration are other foremost reason for weak immunity. Overuse of prescribed or non prescribed medicinal use can also reduce immunity. Chemical exposure, UV, and radiation exposure- all these damage the immune system.

A good hygiene care is very important to maintain a strong immune system. Too much exposure to germs may stress the body beyond what it could handle. Exercise is very important to keep a good immune system. Exercise helps to increase the blood flow which helps cleansing the body of certain toxins and waste products. Lack of exercise slows down this process and it results a weak immune system. Obesity is also one of the reasons for having lower level of immunity.

If any of the reason is making you weak by immunity, then you should visit a specialist to get your immunity cured. There are numbers of good immunologists in Delhi region itself, such as immunologists in janakpuri. The immunologists in paschim vihar and the immunologists in rajauri garden are expert in immunotherapy treatment and diagnose for patients lacking immunity or have a weak immunity system.

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