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Can Obesity Be Solved At Home With The Flex Belt?

We live in a world of increasing obesity and many people seem unwilling or unable to do that much about their weight. Most people are aware of the health benefits of a slimmer figure but for many the chances of getting one are as remote as flying to the moon. They cannot be bothered or after a hectic day at work, are just too tired. There is also the cost and time that has to be taken to account in any gym membership.

This is where equipment like the Flex Belt can prove useful. As part of an exercise regime it can help tone and shift the pounds and even used on its own, it has a place although the effects may not be as dramatic.

The Flex Belt can be worn around those parts of the body that would benefit from a workout. The waist is an obvious target on many people, but it can also be used on the bottom and thighs and even the arms.

The belt is quite simple to operate although the actual mechanics of use may take some time to get accustomed to. It is fitted around the appropriate area and the settings adjusted to the intensity of the desired workout. It is recommended that this starts slowly and increases as the user gets familiar with the effects.

The belt works by mimicking the effects of muscle contraction and relaxation, something like you would get by flexing the muscles and relaxing them, or of course by lifting a weight or performing a sit up.

One of the factors in weight gain is water retention. The feeling of being bloated and overweight is hardly conducive to wanting to do a work out and the circle repeats itself, no exercise, added fluid retention, more lethargy. The Flex Belt by manipulating and vibrating the areas of use can help to move some of that fluid around, making the idea of exercise somewhat more appealing.

There is no doubt that working out in an intensive way with cardio exercise and a healthy attitude to food is going to have a quicker effect on the waistline and those who use the Flex Belt as part of an overall regime rather than relying on it exclusively will see better more rapid results. Walking briskly for fifteen to thirty minutes a day at least three times a week and eating less fast food will accelerate the good work of the Flex Belt. Like all exercise and dieting regimes, there is no magic involved. The Flex Belt can work and work well and for those who have never done any exercise but want to make a start with something that can be used at home, there is little equal, but it will take time and patience to see the results. There are no overnight cures for a fat belly except perhaps surgery and that comes with its own not insignificant risk.

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