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Arthritis Pain Lessened Through Bioenergy Therapy

84 Year Old Male

An 84-year-old male was recently treated for arthritis in his right hand. The knuckles in his thumb, all the way back to the joint near his wrist, were swollen to twice the size of his other hand. The entire area was discolored. It was so painful that he couldn’t open his hand and had no use of his thumb. He had experienced the arthritis for many years. In the past, he had sought medical treatment for the pain. He received painful injections of cortisone into the joint of his hand which gave only temporary relief. When asked to evaluate the pain on a scale of 0 to 10, with 10 being the worst pain, he placed his pain level at a 10.

Pain Level

One of the first things a bioenergy therapist will ask when dealing with pain, is to find out from the client about the pain level. While this client had a pain level of 10, it’s not uncommon to find someone who complains strongly about pain, rating the level at 5 to 6. The therapist needs to understand as much as possible about the client’s experience.

Energy Work

Next, this man learned how the therapy worked:

  • His hand would be treated energetically 4 days in a row.
  • This would be followed by a full week of NO therapy.
  • The process involved only the use of light touch (energy).
  • He could possibly feel tingling sensations, warmth, heaviness, pressure or nothing while undergoing the therapy.
  • He would need to allow his hand to heal by not over-using it when it felt better.

An analogy would be drinking lots of water and resting in bed when you have a cold. If you don’t, it takes longer to get well.

Initial Therapy

After the initial treatment, this man looked incredulous. He honestly couldn’t believe it. He insisted that he wasn’t kidding and that his hand didn’t hurt near as much as it had prior to the therapy. He sat moving his hand, making a fist and opening his thumb in disbelief.

He truly thought after sleeping through the night, he would awaken with the same pain. But, the following morning, the swelling was less, the discoloration slightly less, and he could still partially use his hand.

Following the Four Days

The swelling was minimal, the discoloration much less, the pain almost gone, and the use of his hand was greatly improved. It was still not the same as the other hand. He reported that he decided that his hand would always hurt a little. That he couldn’t expect it to be like the other hand.


Many people entering therapy are afraid to set any expectations. Those suffering with arthritis have generally had the pain for a long time. They also normally have limited use of particular joints and they’ve grown to expect a worsening condition.

Laying on of hands is not magic. It takes time for the person’s body to heal to whatever degree it is able to heal. And, everyone’s body is different. Many people with arthritis need multiple 4-day sessions to continue making progress.

Healing By Distance

In the case cited above, this man needed additional treatment by distance during a second 4-day session. As he received bioenergy therapy by distance, he reported feeling a pulling on his thumb and it began to ache. This often happens when working with pain. The pain may seem to intensify while working on the area energetically or after the therapy is completed. However, following the aching, many times the pain will lessen to a 1 or 0 on the pain scale.

Follow Up

This man’s first question was if he could return to playing golf. It was imperative that he give his body a chance to heal as fully as possible after receiving the energy. Waiting a couple of weeks before hitting a golf ball was not a long time. If some pain returned at that point, he was to wait another couple of weeks before trying again.

It’s important to understand this distinction: this man may always have arthritis, but he doesn’t need to suffer the symptoms of arthritis. Just as an AIDS patient may always test positive for AIDS, but no longer suffer the symptoms of the long held disease.

Our Internal Wisdom

Our bodies are wise. They know when they’ve healed enough to begin a new activity. When a person experiences long-term arthritis pain, it’s difficult for them to believe that anything can make a difference. Once they do begin to feel better, they want to hurry and begin doing everything that has been limited in the past. It’s like they want to make up for lost time!

The secret is to listen to your body’s wisdom.

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