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1 In 10 Will Have Diabetes – Save Your Kids!

The statistics of type 2 diabetes all point to one thing – an epidemic. This is an important reason to understand more about this disease. It is strongly recommended you learn something that not many people are aware of.

Scientists have started to conduct trials seeking the roots and ways of diabetes as early as the 1980’s. There was an idea back in those days that has been confirmed over time and research. Diabetes is rooted in our diet, and could be avoided completely. Many things have changed since the early stages of research, and there are some clear facts we can now share with the world about the causes of diabetes.

The most commonly known risk-factor for diabetes is weight. It is known world-wide that obesity will almost definitely lead you to diabetes. Staying lean is important for your health, and that is the first thing you must strive to if you wish to avoid this disease. It does help to be in good shape, even if you carry some extra weight. The “Fat and Fit” generation which consists mostly of 25-45 year old professionals are statistically healthier than those who are simply overweight. unfortunately, it is not enough, as even those who keep exercising but do not lose weight are in danger of getting diabetes.

Another well-known fact is that eating sugar and processed products raises the chances for diabetes. An entire industry was based on that fact, as many new products came out to the market declaring to be as sweet as sugar, but sugar-free. In a way, it is a nice solution for those of us who must avoid sugar or lower their sugar consumption. But as with anything in this life, there is a price to pay. Even though the dangers of sugar are well-known, the dangers of products that replace sugar are not. Using synthetic sweeteners in your food might lower your chances for diabetes but puts you in danger for many other diseases.

The most important fact of them all might be the most unknown one. While sugar is an obvious risk-factor in diabetes, meat is never discussed. In more than one research conducted over many years, a direct connection between diabetes and the consumption of meat has been proven. Processed fish is the most dangerous type of animal protein out there, and processed meats are almost just as dangerous. This fact is unknown to the public, yet a quick online search will lead you to papers that were done on this subject.

Another result one of these studies has proven that while processed fish is so dangerous for our health, fresh fish, preferably cooked, will lower our chances to get diabetes.

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